Bulk Premium Custom Text Spoons


Featuring delicate engraved designs into each utensil, these spoons are sure to wow any recipient. Also don't forget, because they're bamboo, they won't scratch your pots and pans. Ideal for non-stick and ceramic pans.

These spoons are a part of our premium line! These spoons come sanded smooth (minus the engraving) and then treated with a high end food safe finish. As a part of our premium line these spoons come with an attractive handle shape and are crafted from multiple bamboo pieces instead of one total piece like our value line. This feature allows us to craft an attractive smooth shape that feels perfect in the hand!

Purchase more for a bigger price break. We offer free samples on bulk orders to verify quality. Just reach out for details!

✅ Premium Line - 11 Inches long, just over 2 inches wide.
✅ The design is engraved in the utensils which makes them decorative but also usable!
✅ Treated with food safe mineral/oil blend that is silky soft to the touch.
✅ Handmade with beautiful, sustainable, naturally anti-microbial bamboo.

🥄 If you have your own logo or pdf file, we can engrave that as well! If you have any questions reach out for more info! 🥄

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- Team engravemyday!