Handmade Wooden Coasters


✨ Wood Coasters, Pirate Ship ✨
✨ Wooden Drink Coasters, Pirate Ship Design Tea Coasters ✨


✅ Eco-Friendly Bamboo

✅ Engraved Designs

✅ Ship Theme

✅ 4 Handmade Coasters

Our coasters measure 3.4 inches across and 3/8 thick. Our lighter color is crafted from beech wood while our darker variant is walnut.


✅ The design is engraved in the utensils which makes them decorative but also usable!

✅ Free gift note included upon request.

✅ Treated with food safe mineral/oil blend that is silky soft to the touch.

✅ Handmade with beautiful, sustainable, naturally anti-microbial bamboo.



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- Team engravemyday!